As of December 8, 2016, my practice is closed until further notice. If you are a current patient, please contact the office at 425 467-5929 to request a copy of records that you can present to a new pain physician or to your family practitioner. My office will do its best to accommodate your needs regarding referrals and record copying. I am referring my patients to their own primary care physicians or to the University of Washington Pain Center. If you are already a patient of Dan Nelson, MD, he will see you on a short-term basis for medication refills. Other pain physicians may be found at Swedish Headache and Pain Center and Center for Pain Management in Bellevue. Don Dillinger, MD in Everett will see patients once for medication refills pending a referral from your primary care physician.

I deeply regret this distressing situation. The Washington Osteopathic Medical Board has suspended my license at least until a hearing is completed on the claim that I over-prescribed opioid medications for pain management. There were no deaths, overdoses, or evidence of diversion reported in any cases under review. I will do all I legally can to assist you in finding another physician willing to manage your chronic pain. I offer my deepest apologies for the distress this is causing my patients.

Philip Matthews, DO